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Welcome to Pearland School of Music!

A place to learn music and enjoy the journey.  We want people of all ages to experience the joy that music can bring to your life!


What makes us different?

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Each student has a unique way of learning.  We specialize in using many methods and tools to make learning music fun and inspiring for each student.  As teachers we are focused on always improving our teaching quality and coming up with new innovative ways to motivate and educate students in their music lessons. We also give families a choice of individual or group lessons so there is a perfect learning environment for every age and every type of student!  [Learn more about our lessons]

1. Student-centric Music Education

We are owned by local Pearland piano teacher, Nick Evangelista, and his wife Kristen.  We strive to convey difficult music concepts in an easy to understand way - even for beginners!  We believe the saying that "a student won't care how much you know, until they know how much you care."

2. Music Teacher Owned and Operated

The distractions or boredom that could easily accompany lessons at home are not a problem here!  Our learning environment is carefully crafted around the student.  We want to capture attention, spark creativity and engage all their senses in an absorbing learning experience.  

3. Our Studio Environment

4. Piano Lessons, Guitar Lessons, and more in one location

One advantage of lessons at Pearland School of Music is that students can try other instruments, and siblings can take lessons at the same time which saves you time and money! Other lessons coming soon include: Voice, Cello and Drums.  [Read more about our lessons here]

5. Convenient Pearland Location and comfortable parent's waiting area

We are located right off 288 in Pearland, and conveniently located for residents of Pearland, Shadow Creek, Manvel, Silverlake, Fresno, Iowa Colony, Meridiana, and Rosharon, TX.

6. Specialized Group Lessons

We offer exciting group lessons for the many students who are energized by the collaboration and friendship found in group music lessons.  Our innovative curriculum has students playing the piano from day one, and teaches note reading, ear training, proper technique and music theory.  [Learn more here]

7. Innovative Music Games and Activities

Kids learn through play.  That's why at Pearland School of Music one way we encourage learning during our music lessons is through playing music specific games.  Kids love it and learn difficult concepts quicker when motivated by a game.  If you haven't experienced this before come check it out!  Our application of this educational technique is unique to the Pearland and Manvel area!  [Learn more here]

8. Free Recitals and Performances

Every parent wants to know their child is doing well and progressing.  One way a parent can see this is through a recital!  In Spring and Winter many students choose to perform at our free biannual events. We also have other fun performance opportunities during the year! 

9. Awards and Certificates to Celebrate Achievement

Since motivation is a key to education we want to provide an extra reward when students reach musical milestones.  Of course, having fun playing piano, guitar, cello, singing or joining others making music is a reward in itself.  But we also provide meaningful trophies, certificates and rewards as kids "level up" along their journey.  And hey, adults, if you'd like you can have them too!

10. Flexible lesson times

Are you a retiree, college student, family that homeschools, or anyone else with a flexible schedule that would like to take piano, guitar, cello, or voice lessons in Pearland?  We can start lessons as early at 10am or as late as 8:00PM!  We will have a lesson time for your busy schedule.

And Lots More!

We said 10 reasons, but there are many more!  Here are just a few other benefits of enrolling for piano, guitar, or other instrument lessons here at Pearland School of Music...


Excellent customer service: Since we are a local Pearland family owned school you can call the owner 7 days a week between the hours of 10AM and 8PM and we will make sure to take care of whatever you need.  

Flexible payment: Our lessons are month-to-month and you can cancel at anytime.  There are no large up-front semester payments or commitments. 

It's easy to take the next step!  

Contact us today to arrange your first lesson!



Biman, Father of 9 year old

He is more excited about this class than any of his other activities. When I tell him it's time to go to piano there is no argument. Like today, he turned off his video game and ran to the door!

Maria, Mother of 7 year old

I had a change in my schedule and thought we would have to stop lessons for a while.  My daughter said 'please don't ever take me out of piano class!' So we will be making arrangements to keep coming!  Thank you!

Virginia, mother of 11 year old

Our home is now filled with beautiful music.  He also recently performed at a retirement home.  Thank you for all that you do!

It's easy to take the next step!

Lessons are first come first serve

so contact us today to arrange your first lesson!


Offering music lessons in:

Piano, Guitar, and more in Pearland, Manvel, Fresno, Shadow Creek, Rosharon, Iowa City, Meridiana and South Houston area.

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