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Joshua Shu-Wei Wu

Joshua is one Pearland School of Music's most experienced piano students.  He puts a lot of hard work and dedication into his performances and we'd like to support him!  Click "Vote Here" below and he could win a master class with one of the international competition judges!

He's listed as the 16th performer on the list. 


Simply scroll down and you will see his name "Joshua Shu-Wei Wu, United States" And the name of his piano piece listed.  Just click the box and "Submit" at the bottom and you're done!  Thank you!

If you'd like to see him perform live, he will be performing a free sophomore concert with multiple classical pieces on Saturday, April 15th in Houston (The Heights).  It's sure to be an inspiring performance for younger piano students, and also a great experience for us grown ups as we take a moment to relax and get lost in the music!  If you would like more details simply email us or let us know next time you're at the school!  


Phone: 281-310-0909


Thank you!

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