Pearland School of Music Summer Fest Recital 2021!
Jun 06, 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM
The Pearland Town Center Pavilion,
11200 Broadway St, Pearland, TX
The Schedule:
On Sunday, June 6th between 3 - 7PM a new group of student performers will take the stage each hour to play their favorite songs for friends and family!  With smaller groups performing each hour, and an outside venue, we will have ample space to spread out and safely social distance as we enjoy the performances!
To register just click the "Register Now" button above!  We look forward to seeing you there!


Have a question?  Here is a brief Q&A with some common questions.

Q. Is it mandatory for my student to perform?

A. No!  Recitals are completely optional.  If your student doesn't feel ready to perform just yet, that's ok.  We never want to force anyone to perform on stage in front of others.  Students are still welcome to attend the performance to observe.  This may also motivate them to perform at a later date.

Q. Can I pick the time slot when my student will perform?

A.  We try to assign students to a time slot based on their teacher being available and also to vary the types of performances to keep the event entertaining for the audience.  But we can also generally accommodate requests for specific times.


Q. What if we are not able to make the recital?

A.  If you can't attend the recital in person you can send a video of your student(s) performing their songs!  We plan to make a recital video and release that during the summer.


Q. What song(s) will my student be playing?

A. This is something the teacher and student go through together to pick a good fit.  Your student's teacher has already been hard at work with the student preparing level appropriate pieces for the recital.  At the next lesson feel free to ask the teacher which song or songs are planned.  The teacher will also communicate this to you.  You can also reach out to our office staff with any questions at: 281-310-0909 or email:


Q. Since it's outside, what happens if it rains?

A. Ah, good question! Since musical instruments and rain don't mix too well, we do have a rain date planned for June 13th.

If you have any other questions please reach out to us via phone or text at:



Or email: