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What is a Piano Class?

Our piano classes are small groups of students (only 4 or 5 kids) of similar age and ability level, often times beginners.  Kids get together and enjoy learning piano together!

When is a piano class a good fit?

Sometimes a student needs a little more activity than a private piano lesson will provide.  Some students can also miss the social interaction of learning with friends when they are in a private piano lesson.  To be sure, a private piano lesson is the time tested standard for teaching music, and the majority of our music lessons here at Pearland School of Music are private lessons.  Many of our group lesson students will eventually take private lessons as their skill increases.  However, we have found that many students enjoy the activity of learning to play piano with friends. They are also encouraged when they see that others can learn to play piano, and go through the same challenges and difficulties that they go through along the way.  

Additionally, some students aren't sure if they would like to take music lessons at all.  At times parents have even found their kids to be hesitant to do music lessons.  Piano class is a perfect way to try out music lessons in a fun, interactive environment.   After a semester of group lessons students and parents often know if they would like to continue with piano or even start another instrument.  Once they have a foundation in piano and music theory it makes it much easier to pursue music lessons in another instrument too!  No matter where the journey takes the student, our focus is on encouraging a love for playing music that lasts a lifetime.

How does a group piano lesson work?

Our piano class is smaller than most so we can give the proper attention to each student.  Our classes are made up of only 4 or 5 students of similar age/ability level, and we meet once a week for 45 minutes right here at our Pearland School of Music location in the Pearland Town Center right in the Shadow Creek area.  It's the perfect location for students all around Pearland, Tx.  Students receive group instruction and one-on-one attention during class.  Students learn proper piano technique, note reading, ear training, music theory and composition!  Our music studio Director and Co-Founder, Mr. Nick, has taught hundreds of students to play and LOVE to play music in group classes.  He has also coached teachers around the country to teach effective group lessons.  We're excited to be able to offer this unique lesson experience to our neighbors in Pearland.

You know that amazing feeling you get from a live music performance?

That live music excitement is perhaps the biggest factor that makes our innovative group lessons so powerful.  We spend time during each class playing together, often with the addition of high quality background music.  Many piano classes don't offer this benefit, but we feel it is vitally important.  This group music making dynamic is a unique experience that is difficult to replicate in other areas of life and highly educational for growing musicians.  The thrill of playing together adds to the excitement of the learning experience. It doesn't feel like class at all!  Music is a natural, powerful motivator.  And motivation is a key to education, so we harness the motivational power of music in our classes to keep students interested and focused.

There is more information on our curriculum below and we also encourage you to view the video above.  You will see what piano class looks like in the video and how we play along with background tracks. 


One more note, we also make time for fine-tuning specific skills with headphones as the teacher walks around to assist students.  This solo time is an important part of our learning process as well.

What you can expect to learn in piano class

Our piano curriculum covers the fundamentals of piano and music theory including:

  • Note reading

  • Ear training

  • Finger technique

  • Music composition

  • Ensemble playing 


Our class time includes:

  • Motivating group instruction

  • One-on-one attention

  • Music theory games and activities

  • A professional, full size 88 key, weighted action digital piano for each student

  • Small class sizes of usually 4 students of similar age/ability level


As students progress to a late intermediate level some also opt for individual lessons to fine tune their skills.  Learning piano also allows students to more easily explore other instruments as they progress!

We could talk about this subject for hours, but we know you'd probably just like an overview so you can decide if you'd like to try a class or not.  We are always happy to answer any of your questions in person or on the phone.  If you'd like to book a lesson and check it out for yourself just click below! Here at Pearland School of Music we charge month-to-month so you can try it out and cancel at anytime.

It's easy to take the next step!  Lessons are first come first served so contact us today to arrange your first lesson!


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