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Be sure to check out the FAQ section below!

Spring 2024 Music Lesson Recital Flyer.png

The deadline to register is April 15th



Q. Where is the recital located?

A. The 2024 Spring Recital will be held at RICE UNIVERSITY at the Duncan Recital Hall.

The address is:

6100 Main St

Houston, TX 77005

Q. Is there a charge to attend?

A. This recital is free of charge, but the student must be enrolled at Pearland School of Music at the time of the recital.

Q. Can I choose which day I attend?

A. If there is a day or time that you will not be able to make it, please feel free to type it into the comments field on the form.   We are happy to try and take that into account as we put the final schedules together.  Our goal is to make sure each student is assigned to the same hour-long session that their teacher is assigned to, while also keeping siblings at the same time slot.

Q. What about parking?

A. There is a limited amount of free street parking, however there is ample paid parking at Rice.  We recommend being prepared to pay for parking in the nearby Rice Parking lot, which could cost between $15 - $20.  We will send out detailed maps next month on navigating to the best parking lots and walking to the recital hall.

Q.  How long will the performance be?  

Each student is assigned to a 1 hour performance block with about 15 to 20 other students.  This is the same process we've followed for the recitals in previous years.  The time block your student(s) are assigned to is based on several factors, but the main factor is when your student's teacher will be available to be there.​​​​ 

Q. How should students dress?

A. This will be a more formal event than the outdoor events. Many students will be in formal attire such as a suit or dress.  Some students might have a costume in mind that fits their song, for example a singer might dress like a pop-star or someone might dress like a character from the song they are performing.

Q. What should we bring?

A. Students should bring their music books/sheet music.  If a student needs their sheet music and doesn't bring it with them, they may have to go home and get it in order to perform.  If they play guitar, violin or another portable instrument, they will also need to bring their instrument.   Don't worry, piano players won't need to bring their piano from home! 

Q. What time should I arrive?

A. For recitals at Rice, it's recommended to arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of time to navigate parking and walking to the recital hall.

Q. How many guests can we bring?

A. We should have plenty of seats, however, as a rule of thumb if you plan to have more than 6 in attendance give us a heads up by email or phone call just so we can be sure to accommodate your group.  But again, it shouldn't be a problem, and we want students to have all the support they can get!

Q. What if we can't make the recital?

A. We have recitals roughly every 6 months so there's always the next one!  


Q. Is my student ready to perform?

A. Each student is unique and may be ready to perform at different stages in their education.  The best way to be sure is just to chat with their teacher for a few minutes at the beginning or the near the end of their lesson time.  They can guide you on what might work best!   If you have further questions about this, please also don't hesitate to contact us at the front desk!

Q. Are students required to perform?

A. No, we don't force any students to perform.  Experience has shown that some students prefer to enjoy music in smaller settings, and for them, being forced to perform at a recital can lead to them to stop their music education altogether, which is sad!  We have a number of adult students who start up lessons later in life.  They took lessons as a child but stopped while still young.  Unfortunately, a very common reason they quit as a child is that they were forced to play at recitals.  We don't want that to be our students!


Having said that, we do like to at least encourage our students to give it a try.  Sometimes students will just need to attend a few recitals first as an audience member and see other kids performing.  Later they may want to participate themselves.  So, recitals are 100% optional, and we have them often, so if this one doesn't work out, they might give the next one a try!

If you have any questions email us at: or call us at 281-310-0909. 


We look forward to seeing you there!

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