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We look forward to seeing everyone at our Fall Recital this year!  We have 14 different recital blocks, spread across the two different fall recital days.  We had so many students sign up we had to add another full day in December!  Each recital block will be about 1 hour in length (20 performers in each recital block). 


The time block your student is assigned to is based primarily on when your student's teacher (or teachers if you have siblings) will be present. 

Your student(s) time block will be in the text and email we sent to you about the exact recital times.


If you have siblings enrolled at the school, they will be assigned to the same day and time block!

Read on to get more info on the recital, and to view the Frequently Asked Questions!



Sunday November 6th (1pm - 8pm)

Saturday December 3rd (1pm-7pm)

(Please note, November 4th was cancelled and replaced by December 3rd, since 11/4 was a Friday we could only fit 3 performance blocks, but we can fit 7 performance blocks on Saturday 12/3.  I know that's probably more info that you'd like but we did want to make mention of it!)

Your student's exact time block should have been texted and emailed to you.  If you didn't receive it, just give us a call at: 281-310-0909 or email us at: office@pearlandschoolofmusic.com.  Thanks!



The Pearland Town Center Pavilion.  Which is located in the same shopping center as our school!  Halfway between Dillard's and Macy's.  Students will perform on-stage.  The venue is outdoors under a shaded pavilion. 

Additional Details:

Recitals are for Pearland School of Music students who are currently enrolled at the time of the recital.  All recitals are FREE of charge for our students!


Photos by Karthik Datta Photography




Q. How should students dress?

A. This will be an outdoor event, last time the weather was great, but of course we want everyone to dress comfortably for that day. Most students will be in some sort of formal attire, but if a student is performing a rock or pop song they might dress the part or a rock performer or other costumes for their performance, and that works too!

Q. What about the weather, since it's an outdoor event?

A. If there is lightening in the area we will have to cancel or delay the recital.  We would likely do the same for heavy rain.  If we do have to delay or cancel due to weather we will text everyone, and make plans for a rain day.


Q. What time should I arrive?

A. You can just arrive 10 or 15 minutes before your performance block.  We have experience doing recitals at this venue so we expect things to stay on time pretty well this year.  

Q. What should we bring?

A. Students should bring their music books or sheets, and if they play guitar, violin or other portable instruments they should bring their instrument as well.  If a student needs their sheet music and doesn't bring it with them, they may have to go home and get it in order to perform.


Q. How many guests can we bring?

A. Each student can bring up to 6 guests.  We estimate the audience for each concert to be about 150 or so.  If you need to bring more than 6 guests just send us a quick email and we will try to make arrangements!



Q. Is there a charge to attend?

A. There is no participation or admission fee.  Recitals are FREE of charge but the student must be enrolled at Pearland School of Music at the time of the recital.



Q. What if we can't make the recital?

A. We have recitals roughly every 6 months so there's always the next one!  



Q. Is my student ready to perform?

A. Each student is unique and may be ready to perform at different stages in their education.  The best way to be sure is just to chat with their teacher a few minutes before the end of their lesson.  They can guide you on what might work best!   



Q. Are students required to perform?

A. No, we don't force any students to perform.  Experience has shown that some students prefer to enjoy music in smaller settings, and for them, being forced to perform at a recital can lead to them stop their music education altogether, which is sad!  We have a number of adult students who have come back to music lessons, and the reason they quit when they were younger is that they were forced to play at recitals.  We don't want that to be our students.  Having said that, we do like to at least strongly encourage our young students to give it a try.  Sometimes students will just attend a few recitals first as an audience member and see other kids performing.  Later they may want to participate themselves.  So recitals are 100% optional!

If you have any questions email us at: office@pearlandschoolofmusic.com or call us at 281-310-0909.  We look forward to seeing you there!