Pearland School of Music Summer Fest Recital 2021!
Jun 06, 2:30 PM – 6:30 PM
The Pearland Town Center Pavilion,
11200 Broadway St, Pearland, TX
The Schedule:
On Sunday, June 6th between 3 - 7PM a new group of student performers will take the stage each hour to play their favorite songs for friends and family!  With smaller groups performing each hour, and an outside venue, we will have ample space to spread out and safely social distance as we enjoy the performances!
To register just click the "Register Now" button above!  We look forward to seeing you there!


Have a question?  Check out the Q & A Section!

Q. Is there a dress code for performers?

A. Performers will not need to wear formal attire to this recital.  We suggest performers dress in comfortable clothes for an outdoor summer event that might be hot!


Q. What about masks?

A. In line with local guidelines vaccinated individuals will not need to wear masks.  Also it's outdoors and there is space for everyone to distance themselves.  We do suggest wearing a face covering if you will be in closer proximity to others.  Performers will generally not be wearing masks on stage since they will be far from everyone else.  Instruments and microphones will be sanitized between uses.  If you have any further questions just give us a call at: 281-310-0909! 


Q. Should students bring their own instruments?

A. Students taking piano and drums lessons will use the keyboard and drums already setup on the stage.  Everyone else should bring their instrument along.  Try to also bring your instrument case or something to cover it from any rain.



Q. Should students bring their sheet music or lyrics?

A. Yes!  Please bring sheet music or lyrics with you to the recital.  Even if the student doesn't plan to use it on stage, it can serve as a reference prior to the performance if needed.

Q. How long should my family expect to stay at the event?

A. We had well over 100 students sign up to perform this year, so we separated the recital into groups of 20 or so students that will perform at different "concerts".  Each concert will take about an hour or so to complete.  

Q. Will siblings be assigned to the same concert time?

A. Yes!  Siblings will perform at the same concert time slot.


Q. Since it's outside, what happens if it rains?

A. Ah, good question! We will be under a covered pavilion so there is some protection from scattered showers.  But if it looks like a day long downpour we will send text messages to cancel the event.  We do have a rain date planned for June 13th.   We do suggest bringing an umbrella along though!

If you have any other questions please reach out to us via phone or text at:



Or email:

Look forward to seeing you there!