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We are a family owned and operated music studio located in the Pearland Town Center, right next to the south parking lot!  We teach piano lessons, guitar lessons, drum lessons, voice and singing, violin and more at our Pearland location.


Also available, we offer online piano lessons, online guitar lessons, online drum lessons, online voice lessons, online violin lessons and more!

Enrollment is open all year

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Make Life Vibrant.  Make Music!


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Are we the right music school for you?

While you are here researching the best music school for you, please consider the benefits of becoming a Pearland School of Music student, and see why our students love taking lessons from us!

Benefits of becoming a Pearland School of Music student:

Student-centered Approach

We center our music lessons around how each student tends to learn best, and the songs that motivate them.  To do this, we get to know the student and their family and offer a variety of different learning experiences.  From private lessons where we try to approach each musical concept from different angles in a fun way, to groups with other young musicians, students are immersed in a motivating musical learning experience.  Doing this helps keep a student interested in music, and increases the chance they will stick with music lessons because they enjoy it!  [Learn more about our lessons]

Teacher Owned and Operated

We are owned and operated by Nick Evangelista, a Pearland piano teacher, and his wife Kristen.  Nick enjoys teaching at the studio along with the rest of the staff which includes piano teachers, guitar teachers, drum instructors, voice and vocal teachers, violin and string teachers and others who share the same vision of student-centered music education.  Our teachers have years of professional performance experience or have received their education from prestigious institutions such as, Rice University Shepherd School of Music, Oberlin Conservatory of Music, UH Moores School of Music, University of Texas, and Berklee College of Music.


Most of all though, we believe it's important for music teachers to be great musicians, but they need to be great teachers as well, and able to convey difficult musical concepts in a patient, easy to understand way - even for beginners!

Convenient Pearland Location

We are located in the Pearland Town Center off HWY 288 facing the back parking lot near Dillard's. Ample parking and easy access!  While parents wait, they can also enjoy relaxing by the pavilion, getting a cup of coffee at Barnes and Nobel, or they might just sit back and use our free wi-fi in our parent's waiting lounge.  Residents of Pearland, Shadow Creek, Manvel, and other areas should find us easy to reach for their music lessons!

Group Piano Lessons

Some students prefer a more active learning environment.  Additionally, some parents aren't sure if their student will be interested in learning music. For these reasons, and more, trying a group piano class may be a perfect fit for your family!  Learning piano is considered an important way to eventually learn other instruments.  Here at Pearland School of Music our group piano lesson curriculum teaches note reading, ear training, proper technique and music theory in a fun way. [Learn more about our Pearland piano class program here]

Educational Games and Activities

Kids learn through play.  That's why at Pearland School of Music one way we might assist with learning difficult musical concepts during a lesson is by playing music oriented games.  Most often, these are hands on, non-electronic games we might add!  When just a few minutes per lesson is devoted to an activity that engages the young learner in play, research has shown that students learn quicker and retain what they've learned longer!

Learn Different Instruments

One advantage of music lessons at Pearland School of Music is that students can try other instruments if they'd like, and see what fits them best.  Also siblings can take lessons at the same time, which saves time and money!  As mentioned above, our academy currently offers piano lessons, guitar lessons, voice lessons, violin lessons, cello lessons, drum lessons, harp lessons and more!  [Read more about our lessons here]

Professional Studio Environment

Our studio environment is just right for Pearland area students to learn to play their favorite instrument.  The instruments at the school are professional grade and well maintained.  Teachers and students can use installed TV screens or other tech to show videos, zoom in on sheet music, or display music teaching apps that enrich the lesson experience.  Our goal is to have what teachers and students need at their fingertips, so attention can stay focused the lesson.  Our teachers are also very experienced at teaching online music lessons.  Pearland School of Music is a leader in pioneering effective online music teaching methods and has shared these concepts with music schools around the country.  So if you'd like to do an online lesson just let us know, and your lesson that week can take place virtually!

Free Recitals and Performances

Every parent wants to know their child is doing well and progressing.  One way a parent can see this is through a recital!  We offer a minimum of two FREE recitals here in Pearland each year, one in January and one in late spring.  We don't charge anything extra for participating in our recitals.  We also have other performance opportunities during the year, including here at the Pearland Town Center!

Awards For Achievement

We are happy to offer FREE wristbands, certificates and trophies when students reach musical milestones!  These are given out in a meaningful way, when a student reaches a key milestone in their progress. Of course, learning piano, guitar, drums, another instrument or to sing is a reward in itself, but who doesn't like a trophy?  Students love the wristband system too where they get to "level up" along the way on their musical journey.

Flexible Lesson Times

Are you a retiree, college student, family that homeschools, or anyone else with a flexible schedule that would like to take music lessons in Pearland?  We can start teaching as early at 10am or as late as 8:00PM!  We will do our best to find a lesson time for your busy schedule.

No Long-term Contracts

Our music lessons are month-to-month and you can cancel at anytime. There are no large up-front semester payments or commitments.  So you can feel comfortable giving it a try!  You will be glad you did!

Make Life Vibrant.  Make Music!


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Biman, Father of 9 year old

He is more excited about this class than any of his other activities. When I tell him it's time to go to piano there is no argument. Like today, he turned off his video game and ran to the door!

Maria, Mother of 7 year old

I had a change in my schedule and thought we would have to stop lessons for a while.  My daughter said 'please don't ever take me out of piano class!' So we will be making arrangements to keep coming!  Thank you!

Virginia, mother of 11 year old

Our home is now filled with beautiful music.  He also recently performed at a retirement home.  Thank you for all that you do!

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Offering quality music lessons in:

Piano, Guitar, Drums, Voice, Violin, and more in Pearland, Manvel, Shadow Creek, Fresno, Rosharon, Iowa City, Meridiana and surrounding areas.

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